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Renew Your Marriage at Midlife
Steve Brody  Cathy Brody

Published to coincide with a five-part CBS-TV special of the same name, this profound book by a husband-and-wife team of marriage counselors offers advice on surviving the rigors of midlife marriage.

In Renew Your Marriage at Midlife, husband-and-wife marriage counselors Steve and Cathy Brody recognize that couples approaching midlife may need a kick in the pants to bring their relationship back to the loving support that united them in the first place. As years pass, the relationship may have taken a backseat to children and careers, creating a chasm between husband and wife that seems impossible to cross.

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The Second Half of Marriage
Facing the Eight Challenges of Every Long-Term Marriage
Claudia and Dave Arp

Dave and Claudia Arp identify ten marital challenges that every long-term married couple will face and then provide practical strategies for meeting those challenges. The Arps show couples how to enrich their marriages so that they will last a lifetime.

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