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Be an Outrageous Older Woman
Ruth Harriet Jacobs Ph. D.

A unique guide to living it up in the senior years, this feisty book addresses the many issues faced older women in a sassy, humorous, and yes, even outrageous way. Drawing from her personal experience and from years of meticulous research, Dr. Jacobs offers practical advice and innovative ideas.

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Boomer Babes
A Woman's Guide to the New Middle Ages
Linda Stasi, Rosemary Rogers

As its title suggests, this "guidebook to staying hip and hot without flipping out" at almost 50 is not politically correct. Stasi is a journalist; Rogers, a music producer (and coauthor of Saints Preserve Us! 1993). Their strength is snappy patter, opening with "Fifty Good Reasons to Turn Fifty" and "Commandments" --10 "for Preserving Babedom"; 10 "for Preventing Old Fartdom." Four chapters focus on finding a man; two on menopause (hers and his); others on work issues, diet, exercise, hair, makeup, cosmetic surgery, children, parents, "Fallen Idols," money, AARP, and celebrating one's fiftieth birthday.

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The Girls With the Grandmother Faces
A Celebration of Life's Potential for Those over 55
Frances Weaver

Frances Weaver is a voice of rare inspiration in a wilderness of youth-cult and wrinkle creams. With enough wit, pluck, and infectious self-confidence to shame anyone half her age, Weaver tackles the difficult questions and provides the good, practical advice that has made her the national heroine of women everywhere over the age of 55.

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I'm Not As Old As I Used to Be
Reclaiming Your Life in the Second Half
Frances Weaver

Frances Weavers book The Girls with Grandmother Faces earned her a coast-to-coast reputation as the Erma Bombeck of the sandwich generation, teaching us that were never too old to grab hold of lifes pleasures. This time, she tackles the emotional issues of growing older, from coping with widowhood to making peace with the changes that are bound to occur. With wit and common-sense wisdom, Weaver shares the details of her own journey toward emotional wholeness following the death of her husband.

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100 Things I'm Not Going to Do Now That I'm over 50
Wendy Reid Crisp

From not wearing a corsage to never missing another eclipse, a hundred witty, irreverent resolutions are designed for women over fifty who are determined to enjoy their hard-won freedom from silly conventions.

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