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Eat Well for a Healthy Menopause
The Low-Fat, High-Nutrition Guide

Elaine Magee

A sound nutrition program that helps women safely reduce the side effects suffered during menopause, this book contains the "Ten Diet Commandments" that women should follow to enjoy a healthier menopause. It shows ways for women to naturally increase estrogen without hormone replacement therapy and includes delicious recipes that are high in important nutrients and low in fat.

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I'm Too Young to Get Old
Health Care for Women After Forty
Judith Reichman

Reichman is a renowned gynecologist and frequent contributor to the Today show. Here she discusses in friendly "girlfriend" language the issues that confuse and worry women ages 40 and older.

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Perimenopause Preparing for the Change
A Guide to the Early Stages of Menopause and Beyond
Nancy Lee Teaff, Kim Wright Wiley

This book is a jargon-free, reader-friendly, supportive guide for women facing perimenopause--the phase leading up to the actual beginning of menopause.

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Super Nutrition for Menopause
Ann Louise Gittleman

An all-natural cure for hot flashes and other midlife blues, this book shows women how to create their own form of hormone replacement therapy, using natural methods to restore the body's mineral balance and make menopause a more comfortable experience.

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The Noisy Passage: Baby Boomers Do Menopause
Marie Evans, Deborah Worksman (Editor)

The Noisy Passage was written for all the women who went to Woodstock, kept their names and almost forgot to have families. Now that it is fashionable to be fifty, menopause is expected to become trendier than rollerblading and white water rafting. This fast-paced farce will let sweltering women speed down the Hormone Superhighway steering them towards the latest antidotes for hormonal disturbances.

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