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The Empty Nesters' Guide To
What's Different Now That The Kids Are Gone
Marshall J Levinson

A comical look at what it means to be an Empty Nester. The book is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek look at what does or does not happen in or around the house once teenage or young adult children (known as the Kids) are living somewhere else. They may be away attending college, in the military, or married. A delightful collection of cartoons and quips, the book describes What's different in nine various areas of the home, such as the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, and the laundry. The title of the amusing final chapter is The Boomerang Effect." It describes the phenomenon of grown children moving back home and offers amusing advice if you find yourself Boomeranged.

The humor in this book is enjoyed by all adults, but especially by parents of teenage and college age children. The mere mention of the term Empty Nester often brings a smile to the face of parents, particularly to those who have become, or are in the process of becoming, Empty Nesters. This describes all parents of college and high school students.

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My Turn
Women's Search for Self After the Children Leave
Patricia Gottlieb Shapiro

Insightful, real-life interviews with women, psychologists, and family counselors explore how women can effect positive changes in their lives at this critical midlife turning point. Provides both encouragement and inspiration.

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It's Time
Explore Your Dreams and Discover Your Gifts (For Me)
Diane Noble

Midlife can be a time of rich experiences and intense personal growth. With the mothering years behind them, women finally have time to discover and pursue long-dormant dreams. Whether a woman's dreams are simple or elaborate, Noble provides guidelines for making them come true.

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