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The Baby Boomer's Guide to Caring for Aging Parents
Bart Astor

The dilemma of caring for aging parents is growing in importance, especially as a greater proportion of the population nears the age of 50. This thoughtfully developed guide is packed with practical information on facing legal issues, selecting long term care, determining the onset of conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer's, and more.

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How to Care for Your Aging Parents...
and Still Have a Life of Your Own!
J. Michael Dolan

This "reader-friendly" and insightful book captures the heartfelt emotion of what it's like to be an adult child of aging parents, and offers countless invaluable tips on how to take optimum care of them, and still maintain a personal life of your own.

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Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents
How to Help, How to Survive
Claire Berman

For individuals who are involved in caring for aging parents, and for those who see caretaking in their future, this helpful, compassionate guide centers on the emotional stresses and needs of caregivers, while addressing all the practical issues they are likely to confront. From her own experience and that of dozens of other caring adult childrenas well as through interviews with specialists in the geriatric fieldauthor Claire Berman discusses the wide range of emotions that can accompany caregiving.

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Gifts from the Heart
Meditations on Caring for Aging Parents
Bonni Goldberg, Geo Kendall (Contributor)

Although caring for an elderly parent is one of the most difficult challenges a person can face, it can also deepen an adult child's respect for the parent and understanding for the role of caregiver. Gifts from the Heart: Meditations on Caring for Aging Parents is the caregiver's companion, a sympathetic guide to the spiritual aspects of an often demanding and exhausting situation.

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The Aging Parent Handbook
Virginia Schomp

A helpful reference for adults caring for their elderly and infirm parents offers practical, common-sense advice for caregivers on such issues as housing and health-care options, financing alternatives, legal concerns, common illnesses and ailments, and available agencies and other resources.

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How to Care for Your Parents
A Practical Guide to Eldercare
Nora Jean Levin

A time-saving guide to help families successfully map and navigate the unfamiliar terrain of eldercare, this unique handbook provides simple decisions-making tools so grown children can help their parents take charge of their long-term health, welfare, and housing needs.

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As Parents Age
A Psychological and Practical Guide
Joseph A. Ilardo

As boomers turn 50, their parents, if living, are turning 70, 80, even 90. So this informative guide to many of the biological, psychological, economic, medical, legal, and personal issues involved in caring for older parents (or friends) is timely and enlightening. Ilardo, a licensed psychotherapist and social worker, encountered some of the problems he discusses in assisting his own parents (and parents-in-law); he now directs two programs that help adult children ease their parents' later years. He covers the biological and psychological effects of aging, the impact of these changes on the family and on adult children's attitudes, steps children can take to allow parents to stay at home as long as possible, issues to be considered if a parent can no longer live at home, critical end-of-life decisions, and dealing with an elderly parent's death. Full of useful charts and checklists, surveys and summaries, the book closes with a "Selected Resources" list and glossary. Appropriate for all libraries. Mary Carroll

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